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Buying string quartet sheet music from dots 4 strings is easy:

browse catalogue Browse the products in our Score Exchange store.

The score is shown in the default SE viewer, enabling you to scroll through the pages on the screen.

If you would prefer to see and hear the score in Scorch, select the 'Scorch plug-in' tab. Once installed, Scorch allows you to hear the arrangement being played.

add to basket On each product page you will find an 'add to basket' button. Click on this.

You will then need to select/unselect the parts and/or score required.

To complete the purchase, go to 'My basket' and check out.

There are various payment options, including PayPal. You can also select the currency in which to make the payment.

my music Click on 'My account' from the top menu bar. After logging in, choose the 'My purchases' option to print your music.

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