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With all our experience of playing in string quartets at weddings and at a wide variety of functions, we think it would be useful to share some tips to help make your gig successful. Of course, our experience is specific to work in the United Kingdom, but we hope that this will prove relevant and interesting to fellow quartet members world-wide.


For weddings, many people will decide specifically what they want played during the ceremony and at their reception. It is always worth asking if there are any particular requests. Aside from these requests, a wide range of material is usually welcome. Many occasions will be attended by people of all ages so it is always good to have a number of pieces to please young and old. repertoire

date & venue

diary Always confirm in writing with your clients where the gig is, what time it is and any contact details for the day. Also make sure that all members of the quartet have these details so that contact can be made on the day in case of any unexpected circumstances.


Make sure you agree well in advance of the booking exactly when and how long you will play. If breaks are appropriate for the longer gigs then make sure your clients know approximately when these are going to be. There is very often a timetable of events for the day, so do your best to fit in with this and agree everything upfront. Some flexibility is always welcome from both parties but agreeing everything from the beginning will avoid any unwelcome 'misunderstandings' later. clock


bow tie Many quartets like to wear formal evening dress - dinner jackets for the men and cocktail dresses for the women. Whatever it is you decide, or your clients request, just make sure that whoever is playing in the quartet that day is aware of the dress code. A mixture of black and white jackets, bow ties and ordinary neck ties might not be what you planned.

seating & lighting

It is always worthwhile asking upfront if the quartet has any specific requirements. For example, four chairs (without arms), shade from the sun, extra lighting etc. are usually easily provided if enough notice is given. Do not forget too that you may be required to move, for example from ceremony venue to the reception, and so there may be different requirements for each location. chairs


cup and saucer Never assume you will be provided with anything to eat or drink, however most clients are extremely thoughtful and will lay on something for the quartet. If the gig is long (3 or 4 hours), you might want to ask at the time of booking if some light refreshment can be provided.
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